A Warrior is able to cope with any peril in calmness, wielding the dual swords to cut off what's in his way.

      Heavy attack. Warrior leaps forward and makes a cross slash with his dual swords, causing the enemies to levitate.

      Light attack. Warrior turns his body around quickly like a tornado, inflicting multiple slashes to the nearby enemies and knocking them away.

      Initiative Skill. Warrior makes a quick lunge forward after drawing his sword.

      Counter Skill. Warrior quickly unleashes spinning slashes after being knocked down or prone.

      With elegant magic spells to cause great impacts, Mage is the embodiment of "damage" with ice elemental to control and fire elemental to blast.

      Counter Skill. Mage congeals the air around with all his might and stops the enemies from approaching.

      Initiative Skill. Mage infuses the land with ice magic to create a frozen trap under the enemies' feet.

      Heavy attack. Mage places several flame runes around and levitates the enemies.

      Light attack. Launches a massive fire ball after collecting 8 points of elemental power, dealing instant damage.

      Puppeteers have their own way to take on the challenge, summoning dark servants to tear up their enemies with a huge sickle.

      Heavy attack. Puppeteer summons Void Claw to swipe the enemies twice, dealing large magical damage.

      Counter Skill. Puppeteer stands up and deals a counter attack right after being knocked down or prone.

      Initiative Skill. Puppeteer summons Void Claw to draw the enemy close to her, silencing the target.

      Light attack. Puppeteer holds her scythe and spins fast, slashing nearby enemies for multiple times and knocking them back.

      Bounty hunters are always freedom seekers, the dual guns they carry shooting bullets like the pouring rain.

      Initiative Skill. Bounty Hunter turns around quickly and kicks the enemy.

      Heavy attack. Bounty Hunter uses Floating Cannon to attack the enemies.

      Counter Skill. Bounty Hunter leaps backward and shoots after being knocked down or prone.

      Light attack. Bounty Hunter shifts his dual guns into dartling mode and strafes at the enemies.

      The lance fights against evil; the shield guards justice.

      Heavy attack. Jouster powerfully thrusts spear forward and slashes enemies, dealing physical damage equal ATK.

      Jouster leaps 5.5 meters to an assigned direction.Castable at any time

      Light attack. Jouster casts reversed Shield Bash to target and deal physical damage equal ATK.

      Initiative skill. Jouster holds his spear and rapidly charges forward, deals physical damage equal ATK and gains Sacred Will.

      Players can choose a pet to help fight with using the skills of pet to effectively control enemy and cause a lot of damage. The power of pet can be increased by upgrading, devouring, evolving, upgrading skills, and being equipped with Horcrux. Besides, pet can indirectly improve the players attributes and combat power.

      • Go to Summon the Warpet
      • Battle Warpet!
      • Celestial Mount: Cars
      • Mount: Frost Dancer

      Players can collect fragments of mounts in the guild stores and exchange shops. A certain number of fragments can synthesize a complete mount with different qualifications, which can improve players walking speed as well as combat power.

      Air combat uses real-time combat mode. The light attack, heavy attack, superiority technique, evasion technique, solution control technique, Nirvana technique and battle pet technique in the ground combat will be mapped to the air combat.